5th-8th Room Parent Guidelines

As a Room Parent, your main responsibility is to be the conduit between the teachers/administration and the parents of your classroom.  You will gather information from the teachers/school and relay it to the parents of the class.  As a room parent, it is your responsibility to inform and educate while growing and strengthening the bond among the parents of your class.

1.) Send a weekly email (Sunday evenings work well) to the class parents with important school information they need for the week. Please review this list with your advisors in the Fall to make sure they approve of you communicating this information:

Dress Uniform 

Falcon Free Dress 

Carpool duty (just two months of the year)

Early dismissal days

Teacher work days

Field trips

Parent Council meeting reminders/Guest speaker reminders

In N' Out, Robeks reminders

Start time for special classroom events 

P.E Swim days

Book fairs (including your class visit times)

Updates for Blue and White day, Grandparents and Special Friends day, etc.

2.) Create and/or update the sign-ups that have already been created for your class in Sign-up Genius (SUG) for various classroom volunteer opportunities (recycling center drop off, party pack clean up, St. Anne's lunch set-up, etc.).  Coordinate with teachers on whether or not you need to assign a point person for any larger initiatives.

3.) Introduce yourselves to the class parents on Back to School night.  Let them know you are there to answer any questions they may have. Mention any up and coming events briefly. There are typically two Back to School Night Coordinators who organize the food and tables. As Upper school room parents you may be asked to help at the Lower school back to school night (only if you don’t have lower school students).  Check in with the Back To School coordinators as they usually need help from room parents to set-up before the event and clean up afterward.