About Parents' Council

Every parent with a child enrolled at St. Matthew’s is a member of the Parents’ Council, which, through its elected Executive Board, works with the Board of Trustees and the Administration in support of the whole program of the School. Under the Chairs of the various Standing Committees, the Parents’ Council provides a means of communication and contact between school, parish and home and helps in the arrangement of special events, and provides vital funds that enhance and lower costs, enhancing our children’s education and each families experience.

Our motto reflects our purpose: Connect • Collaborate • Contribute 

The Parents’ Council enables and facilitates volunteerism at St. Matthew's.  Germane to our values as a school, parental involvement aids the School’s program in numerous ways, often providing funds or lowering costs enhancing each of our kids’ experience. We want and need all of our parents ideas, skills, contributions, and help, whether big or small.

Some of the programs the Parents’ Council is responsible for are:
• Annual Parents-only Auction Dinner
• Room Parent Program 
• Faculty and Staff Gift Fund 
• Guest Speakers for Parent Education 
• Support the 8th Grade East Coast Trip
• Annual community-wide Town Fair
• Grandparents and Special Friends Day
• Cultural Arts Assemblies
• Support Student Leadership (SALT)
• Back to School Night 
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