Auction Dinner FAQ

First time to Auction Dinner? Missed last year? We’ve created a FAQ that we hope answers your questions, but when in doubt, please reach out to us!
What is Auction Dinner?
Auction Dinner brings together our community for one fabulous night as we celebrate 71 years of St. Matthews! You will laugh, dance and make new friends – all while raising funds for your kid(s). Auction Dinner is the only fundraising event that solely benefits the school and it relies on the generosity of our community to succeed. The Auction Dinner is comprised of a silent auction, including wine, progressive parties, followed by a seated dinner and an accompanying live auction. 
Where does the money raised from Auction Dinner go?
Money raised through underwriting and bidding from past Auction Dinners have enhanced our campus in many ways; including the refurbishment of the Lower School blacktop area, new technology in the classrooms and FAR, an investment in high tech walkie talkies, a sizable contribution to the new pool and an upgraded sound system in the Sprague Center. As always, a portion also goes towards the school’s Outreach Partners and SALT, the 8th grade DC trip, faculty, staff and sextons’ bonuses and teacher development.
How do tickets work? Can I buy my teacher(s) a ticket(s)?
You may purchase a ticket for you and your spouse/guest on our website under PURCHASE TICKETS.  We invite all faculty and staff of St. Matthews to attend as our guests. Please consider sponsoring a faculty/staff ticket(s) to attend Auction Dinner. You may also opt to underwrite a faculty/staff table for 10 as well, where your generosity will be acknowledged at the event and on the website.
Tell me about Silent Auction and the Wine Auction. 
The Silent Auction is composed of weekend getaways, chef dinners, jewelry, tickets to sporting events and concerts and more. The Silent Auction will open ONLINE the week of Auction Dinner. You have the opportunity to “BUY NOW” on some items where you can avoid the bidding process and secure the item immediately. These items are available on a first come, first serve basis. We will offer an Auction catalog in advance of this sale. 

The Wine Auction is part of the online bidding process.  You may donate a special bottle from your cellar or purchase a bottle to donate to the auction (on the website under Tickets), and our Wine Chair will hand select an awesome bottle on your behalf. In this case you are then listed as the wine Donor.
What is a Progressive Party and how does it work?
Progressive Parties are highly sought-after events and/or exclusive experiences with limited spaces. They are a great way to meet new families and have fun, but you need to pay attention to the bidding to secure your spot! A Progressive Party will offer a set number of spaces to attend (for a couple, parent/child or one person) and a starting price to attend - this will be stated in the party description. The party will then jump up $X for every X sign-ups (the X's vary by party). To elaborate, once the allotted set number of spaces or ‘block’ fill with bids the price jumps up. The price continues to jump up each time the allotted spaces or ‘block’ fill. The last people to bid on the allotted spaces or ‘block’ win. You pay the final price offered for the party if you win a space!  The Progressive Parties will only be available in person the evening of auction.  Please know that to make sure everyone pays the accurate bid price there will be a delay in providing confirmation of your winning party bid.
Live Auction and Proxy Bidding.
Live Auction items and packages will be available for preview a few days before the event. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Live Auction – even if you can’t make the event – as we will have proxy bidding. Should you be interested in an item and like to have a proxy bid, please contact/email Kristin Waters or Sujie Min.  Any proxy bids are treated confidentially and your bidding will be anonymous. 
For those in attendance at the Auction Dinner, you will receive a paddle upon check-in to participate in the Live Auction.
I heard a rumor about a Faculty/Staff Raffle?
It’s true!  Each year as part of the Auction Dinner a raffle is held for our faculty and staff one week before the Auction Dinner. Each member of the faculty and staff receives raffle tickets based on their tenure with the school (i.e. 10 years at the school = 10 raffle tickets). The prizes include cash, a weekend getaway and tickets. This year we are thrilled to announce our raffle winners during Chapel on Monday, February 3rd. 
How does seating work at Auction Dinner?
When you purchase your ticket, you will have the option to select your table mates. There are three options to select from a pull-down menu: 

I(we) wish to be seated at the Auction with grade # 
I(we) wish to be seated at the Auction with ______ (up to 10 people)
Seat me(us) anywhere!
Faculty table
There then is a blank field to state grade level and/or names. Please know that we have amazing seating chairs and they have years of experience making everyone feel comfortable. This is a great opportunity to meet new parents, and you need not organize your own table! Plus, we hope you will spend most of your night bidding or on the dance floor.
(Please note that you are assigned a table, but not a seat.)
Do people really dress up?
YES! YES! YES! This group likes to dress up, so much so that this year we have a costume contest. Winners get bragging rights all year. There is a ‘What to Wear’ section of our website, but please know this theme is as easy as it gets! There is an option for everyone. And don’t forget, we have the amazing St. Matthews Thrift Shop where you may find that perfect night time look.
Class Projects

Based on parent feedback, we are now offering Class Projects for 7th, 4th, Kindergarten and Preschool.  You may purchase your child’s individual photo project online during the Silent Auction.  The 7th grade theme is our traditional “Your Favorite Things” photo shoot with each 7th grader posing with their favorite things.  The 4th grade class project will be the annual “My Favorite Place On- Campus” photo album, which depicts each child’s favorite spot on the Lower School Campus.   What a perfect way to celebrate the wonderful memories spent in Lower School!  Both the Kindergarten and the Preschool projects share the same theme as this year’s auction.  Kindergarten parents will have the opportunity to purchase a “Kinder Dreams” photo featuring their child in cozy pajamas and favorite bedtime lovies.  Preschool will “Dream Big” by dressing up as what they want to be when they grow up and having their individual photos taken.  We can’t wait to share all these amazing photos with you!  Projects are a direct sale that you may buy during the Silent Auction and during the week following the dinner.  All are keepsakes to treasure forever.

We can’t wait to see you on February 8th and celebrate 71 years of St. Matthews Parish School!