Parking & Visitor Information

Parking & Shuttle

Town Fair is a busy day at St.Matthew’s. Parking is limited. We encourage guests to carpool, Uber, or park up the hill and ride our courtesy shuttle. The Main School parking lot will be reserved for people with a parking lot pass.  Guests are welcome to park along Bienveneda and ride the free Bienveneda shuttle. Please be mindful of our neighbors and do not block driveways. There is NO parking along Loop Road. This must be used for our service providers and fire access only.


Town Fair begins at 10am and goes till 4pm. Children should not arrive with their parents who are arriving early for work shifts. They will not be allowed on field or in Sprague until the Fair begins. 


There are portable bathrooms and hand washing stations on Loop Road outside the Preschool Building. Also there are bathrooms in Sprague gymnasium.  The Preschool bathrooms are NOT open during fair hours. 

Wireless signal

The SMPS guest wireless network will be shut down the day of the fair and no password for the temporary network will be handed out. This is so the bank and market place can operate efficiently. Please plan accordingly. 

Medical Emergencies

There is a First Aid Tent on the Fair Grounds. It is staffed or supervised by volunteer parents who also are medical professionals. There will be a 1st Aid kit and Epi Pen provided by the school. Please go to the Grandstand if you need to get a 911 call out at your phone does not have a signal.  Make sure to hydrate and prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration.